Plug and Play Free WiFi for your customers

Increase your social media following and collect customer data in exchange for access to your Wi-Fi, and market to them based on their age, gender and visits

Customer Data

The Wayv portal allows you to analyse data and gather valuable insights into customer behaviour

Targeted Marketing

Wayv allows you to send targeted SMS & email campaigns to specific groups of customers

Plug & Play

Once your Wayv box arrives in the post, you can simply plug it into your router and you're away!


Customers connect to your free Wifi network

Sign Up

Social sign up makes registering a breeze


Offers and social widgets boost your profits and likes


Tailor your marketing with customer data

How does it work?

1. Connect

Once customers connect to your free wifi from their smartphones, tablets or laptops they'll be presented with a branded login page. Customers have the option to register/login with their social media account, or fill out the registration form

2. Collect

Wayv collects customer data in a safe, secure and legal manner. It’s an ongoing process, which means you don’t have to do a thing. The data is collected in the background and collated so it’s ready and waiting for you when you come to action your next targeted marketing campaign

3. Report

Knowing who your customers are is key to driving repeat business and getting the most from your marketing. Wayv allows you to segment your customers by age, gender, location and visits so you can easily schedule targeted promotional texts and emails

4. Promote

Once you've collected the data you need, you can then set about creating your targeted messages. Perhaps you want to text all male customers between the ages of 18 and 60 that haven't visited in the past few weeks? You can also set up automated campaigns to customers on their birthday, after their first visit or if they haven't been in for a while


How much does it cost?

Wayv costs just £25 per month plus a £100 hardware & set-up fee!

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